1993 MFA, Syracuse University, Syracuse, USA

1990 BFA, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, Slippery Rock, USA

Academic and Professional Experience

2017 Director, Professor, Media X, University of the Pacific, USA

2009 - 2017 Associate Professor, Digital Cinema, University of Wisconsin-Stout, USA

2011 - 2016 Program Director, BFA in Entertainment Design, University of Wisconsin-Stout, USA

1999 - 2009 President and Lead Artist, Studio P Inc., Los Angeles, USA

Exhibitions and Screenings


VANITÀ, screening, Los Angeles Underground Film Forum, USA

PESCARE, screening, Cinemaway Film Festival, Ukraine

VANITÀ, screening, FEDAXV Film Festival, Chile

ONERE, screening, Tupiloff Film Festival, Iran

VANITÀ, screening, Richard Harris International Film Festival, Ireland

VANITÀ, screening, Sofia Independent Film Festival, Bulgaria

VANITÀ, screening, PiGrecoZen Festival, Italy

VANITÀ, screening, Nightmares Film Festival, USA

VANITÀ, screening, Flyway Film Festival, USA

ONERE, screening, Marina Del Rey Film Festival, USA

ONERE, screening, North Bay Art and Film Festival (Second Place Best Drama)

ONERE, screening, Violette Film Festival, USA (Best Cinematography)

ONERE, screening, Nevada City Film Festival, USA

ONERE, screening, Sutter Creek International Film Festival, USA

ONERE, screening, Prague Independent Film Festival, CZ

ONERE, screening, Vienna Independent Film Festival, Austria

ONERE, screening, San Francisco Frozen Film Festival, USA

ONERE, screening, Solaris Film Festival, France

PESCARE, screening, Montreal Underground Film Festival, Canada

ONERE, screening, Beloit International Film Festival, USA

ONERE, screening, Chippewa Valley Film Festival, USA


PESCARE, screening, Los Angeles Underground Film Forum, USA

ONERE, screening, Pi Greco Zen Film Festival, Italy (Human Path Award)

ONERE, screening, FEDAXV Film Festival, Chile (2nd Place, International Competition)

ONERE, screening, Flyway Film Festival, USA (Stone Axe Award)

PESCARE and ONERE, screening, Blow Up: Chicago International Art House Film Festival, USA

PESCARE and ONERE, screening, London Experimental Film Festival, UK

PESCARE and ONERE, screening, Great Lakes International Film Festival, USA

PESCARE, screening, Art of Slow: Contemplative Cinema, Bulgaria

ONERE, screening, Altered Esthetics Film Festival, USA (Audience Award)

ONERE, featured artist, CBS-3 Television, Duluth, USA

ONERE, screening, Duluth-Superior Film Festival, USA


North Passage, screening, University of Wisconsin-Stout, USA

North Passage, screening, Colfax Public Library, Colfax, USA

North Passage, screening, Northern Exposure Series, Trylon Microcinema, Minneapolis USA

North Passage, screening, CEC Theaters Menomonie, USA


North Passage, screening, Flyway Film Festival, Stockholm, USA

North Passage, screening, Beverly Hills, USA

North Passage, screening, Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts, Menomonie, USA

Select Residencies and Awards

2016 Residency, Villa Pieve, Corciano, Italy

2014 Residency, The Lapis Press, Los Angeles, USA

2011 Fourth Annual International Week at TAMK School of Art and Media in Tampere, Finland

2011 Outstanding Teaching Award, University of Wisconsin-Stout

2011 ASPIRE/Multicultural Student Services Outstanding Faculty Award

Select Bibliography


2016 Peter B. Olson, essay Onere; or, the Unconcealment of the Unsayable.

2016 Emily Miels, feature article Medieval Magic, Eau Claire Leader Telegram.

2015 Jeremy Wilker, interview and podcast F45:008 Kevin Pontuti, Film 45.

2014 Adrián González Viña, Outer apocalypse, Inner Trauma, El Antepenultimo Mohicano Magazine.

2013 Devin Corbin, essay Lullaby of the Apocalypse: Wisconsin’s Frontier 19th Century to North Passage.

2013 Brandon Thornburg, review When Going Back is the Only Way Forward.

Websites and Portfolios

Poetry of Penance (project) website:

North Passage Film website:

Artist website: